ED Recovery Q&A With Kayla Rose and Elisa #1

This week I asked you guys to write some questions that me and Kayla Rose from Damn The Diets could answer.

We answered so many questions, in fact, that we had to make it into a 2 part video 😛 So next week you can look out for the part nr 2 of this Q&A.

In this video we answer questions like:

  • Is it ok to eat 3 meals a day and no snacks if sometimes you are not hungry for it?
  • Dealing with panic attacks during recovery when introducing new foods.
  • How much food is too much food in recovery? Is it possible to eat too much?
  • Getting comments on weight gain and how to deal with it?
  • Counting calories or MinnieMaud?
  • Tips on how to stop counting calories?

Kayla’s RECOVERY PROGRAM: http://damnthediets.ontraport.com/t?orid=1181&opid=2

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