Is it ever ok to PURGE in recover? // Eating Disorder Recovery

When I started my path to full recovery I stopped purging from day one. I simply realized that it will only keep me in a cycle of bulimia because it’s the same as any other restriction.

Purging is very damaging to your body physically and also mentally it will keep you in an eating disorder.

Purging messes up your digestion, metabolism and is one of the primary reasons in bulimia why you cannot recover your normal hunger cues. It’s like taking laxatives, skipping a meal, going on a fast or doing a detox or any other dieting behavior.

So I wanted to talk about it in today’s video because people have asked me this question many times: “Is it ever ok to purge in recovery?”

They may justify it by saying things like: “I had a binge episode and felt so full and uncomfortable and felt bad for my body and wanted some release.”

So in this video, I will answer this question!

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